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A couple of weeks ago a spectacle transferred through town, and I decided to go check it out, since I hadn't seen once since I was a kid, but boy howdy was I surprised at the amount of insanity there.

I don't recollect this from before, but there was a guy riding on a monster around, and the dragon was pretty tame so he was able to cook hot canines for the kid son his breaks.

And then this small auto came driving out, the kind that the clowns get out of but rather of clowns it a was a number of penguins that were arguing about the climatic change.

However, when the elephants came out then the show really came off the hinges, because they were chatting about taking a cruise around the world on some kind of old Russian ice breaker ship, and I didn't even know you could do that.

Which is strange, because I never knew elephants could talk, let alone be known for having an impression on such worldly matters.

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But it was really odd when the elephant started conversing about the time when I was walking lower the street and saw the man in the purple suit standing by the side of the road doing greeting card tricks.

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